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Stainless Steel Diatomite Filter

Stainless Steel Diatomite Filter

Product Details

The stainless steel diatomite filter is made of German technology. It is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti high-quality stainless steel, and diatomite or perlite is used as a filter aid. It has contributed to a big step forward in my country's beverage industry from cotton cake filtration technology to world advanced technology. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low filtration cost and high efficiency. The filtration clarity can reach 99.8%, and it can filter out particles (including microorganisms) below 10.1 microns. It can even filter out Escherichia coli.
The machine has been widely used in white wine, fruit wine, low-alcohol wine, rice wine, beverage, water treatment and other industries, and has won praise. , Small liquid loss, easy cleaning, small footprint, light and flexible, easy to move.