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Daily maintenance and maintenance of vertical presses
- 2019-10-14-

Better protection of the vertical press can increase the service life of the vertical press and reduce the operating cost. The following are the matters needing attention in the daily use of the vertical press:
The places that vertical presses check every day:
1. Check the internal cleanliness of the machine
2. Check the cleanliness of the filter belt
3. Check the quality of the filter belt (see if there is any damage)
4. Check the automatic control function of the filter belt operation (whether it is active and reliable)
5. Check whether the water outlet of each sump is blocked. If there is any phenomenon, stop, flush and dredge in time.
6. After the mud is produced every day, the flushing of the filter belt is delayed for 30 minutes, and the press is cleaned with a flushing water hose, so that the entire equipment is clean and unprepared.
The weekly work required by the vertical press:
1. Thoroughly clean the press
2. Check whether the cleaning of the nozzle opening is normal, and clean or replace if necessary
3. Check the elasticity and wear of the scraper, and replace it if necessary
4. The filter belt ensures that the filter holes are not blocked
After the vertical press has been used for one year, it is necessary to check the anti-corrosion coating of the key parts such as the bearing chamber, gearbox motor, gearbox and junction box, and repaint if necessary.
According to the above protection scheme, the service life of the vertical press will be greatly increased.

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