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The understanding of the nominal flow of the filter and its application
- 2019-10-14-

1. How to understand the working principle of the filter?

  filter, Its working principle, the oil-water gathering filter manufacturer Tianli Machinery Group Co., Ltd. believes that it can think that it relies on natural pressure and some other functions to filter the mixture, or the solidification of the suspension. Liquid separation, etc., thus, to achieve the intended use purpose, and obtain a good filtering effect.

2. On the filter, what does the nominal flow rate refer to in detail?

This question is not difficult to answer in the opinion of Tianli Machinery Group Co., Ltd., an oil-water collection filter manufacturer, so the detailed answer they give is:

The nominal flow rate of the filter, in detail, refers to the upper limit of the flow rate of the clean water when the filter material is completely unblocked. In terms of units, it is t\/h. Also, you need to know Yes, the actual flow of the filter is lower than its nominal flow. However, the difference should not be too large. If the difference is too large, there will be problems.

3. In the filtration system, will the filter machine be used?

In the filtration system, the filter will be used. Therefore, on this issue, the oil-water gathering filtration manufacturer Tianli Machinery Group Co., Ltd. can definitely say that the answer is yes. Moreover, whether it is an emulsion filtration system , or the grinding fluid collection filtration system, which is generally a large-flow collection filtration system. And, in specific applications, it is mainly used for grinding machine factories, bearing factories, and auto parts processing factories.