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Working principle and characteristics of stainless steel press
- 2019-10-14-

Working principle

The suspension is pumped into each closed filter chamber of the filter press. Under the action of the working pressure, the filtrate passes through the filter membrane or other filter materials, and is discharged through the liquid outlet, and the filter residue remains in the frame to form a filter cake, and then Achieving solid-liquid separation.

Mechanical Features

1. The whole stainless steel filter press is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti or 304,306 high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable. Filter cloth, clarification board, etc.), the sealing ring is made of silicone and fluorine rubber (acid and alkali resistance), no leakage, and good sealing performance.

2. The plate and frame filter is equipped with a microporous membrane, which is a good equipment for filtering activated carbon and particles in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, ensuring no carbon flow, large flow, and convenient disassembly and assembly.

3. At the same time, a multi-purpose plate and frame filter (2-stage filtration) is produced, which enters the liquid at one time, reaches the initial liquid semi-fine filtration, and fine filtration (there are also various pore size filter materials to deal with the advantages of different requirements).

4. Disinfect the filter with injection water before use, soak the filter material with distilled water and stick it on the mesh plate, then press the pre-plate, fill up the liquid in the pump before starting, then start, and discharge the air, first when shutting down. Close the liquid inlet gate and then shut it down to avoid sudden shutdown of liquid backflow and damage to the filter material.

5. The pump and input parts of the machine are all connected by quick installation, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.