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Features of automatic filter press
- 2020-02-14-

Twisted arm assists unloading:
Due to the high viscosity of some materials, it is difficult for the filter cake to automatically fall off. The filter cloth varicose arm developed by our factory can assist in unloading, so that the filter press can change the inclination point of the filter cloth during operation and form an inverted V shape. The spring on the filter cloth vibrates due to its elasticity, which makes the filter cake fall off automatically. The flexure arm is made of reinforced polypropylene material, which is light in weight, corrosion-resistant, sensitive and reliable in action, and convenient in protection.
Active mud storage system:
  filter pressAfter the filtration is completed, the filter cake can be unloaded to the matching mud storage hopper, which is convenient for centralized shipment. The size of the mud hopper can be customized according to the type of filter press and customer requirements, and the opening methods are divided into two types: electric and pneumatic.
Active Replica Wetted:
During the filtration process of the filter press, due to the capillary leakage of the filter cloth, there is a dripping phenomenon between the adjacent two filter plates, which not only increases the water content of the mud in the mud storage hopper under the filter press, but also affects the environment. It will cause pollution and bring a lot of trouble to the production operation. The automatic copying liquid contact system planned by our factory can collect the liquid dripping between the adjacent filter plates to prevent inconvenience to the production operation.
Active pull plate system:
Because the single filter plate of the large filter press is relatively heavy, it is not convenient for workers to open the plate and unload the material, and the workload is also large. Synchronous, tumbler chain pulling manipulator. The pulling plate system consists of electric motor, hydraulic motor, pulling plate trolley, sprocket, chain, etc. Under the control of the relay, the motor drives the hydraulic motor, and drives the left and right pulling plate trolleys through the chain to complete the pulling plate. , The pulling plate system adopts intelligent control, and the action of pulling the plate is slow, fast and slow, which can not only improve the pulling efficiency but also protect the effect of the filter plate. The pulling speed can be adjusted according to the operator's proficiency. Control. This system greatly improves the one-time operation cycle of the filter press and effectively reduces the labor intensity of workers.

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