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Principle of diatomite filter and maintenance guide of filter lubrication system
- 2019-10-14-

Regarding the diatomite filter, the editor will answer its 2 questions in the future. If we summarize it specifically, that is:

Question 1: What is the principle of diatomite filter?

Question 2: What are the protection and maintenance of the lubrication system of the diatomite filter?

In response to the above two questions, the following editor will give specific answers and explanations, so that we can know how to answer them in detail, and can add our knowledge in this area, so that we can know more about the filter.

1. The principle of diatomite filter

The principle of the diatomite filter is: because the diatomite itself has many small pores and is densely distributed, it can absorb more fine particles and improve the filtration quality. Therefore, the diatomite filter The filtration of the filter can be divided into two parts: screening and adsorption. First, the large impurities are left in the filter cake, and then the fine particles are retained by the adsorption of the filter cake, and then a clear filtrate is obtained.

2. Protection and maintenance of the lubrication system of the diatomite filter

(1) Before the oil is injected into the filter, the oil must be well filtered. And it should be checked regularly during use. If the cleanliness of the oil is not up to standard, it should be replaced immediately.

(2) The oil return filter should be checked frequently to see if it is blocked or not. If there is, it should be cleaned and dredged immediately, or the filter element should be replaced to avoid affecting the filtration.