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Daily maintenance and maintenance of plate and frame filter press
- 2019-10-14-

plate framefilter pressThe filtered material is fed into the filter chamber of the equipment by means of the feed pump, and filtered through the filter chamber (usually the filter cloth can only pass through liquid and very small solid particles), while the liquid is seeped out from the filter cloth, and the solid is filtered. The filter cloth is retained, and then the function of the general filter press equipment is completed.

The characteristic of the plate and frame filter press is that it can be used for secondary drying and pressing of the filter cake. The special design of the filter chamber enables it to fill the filter cake with the filter cake and automatically close the feed valve after the gas or liquid is introduced into the filter chamber. Deformation to achieve 2 squeezes of the filter cake, and then further reduce the moisture. How to deal with the decrease in the penetration force of the filter press of the plate and frame filter press.

For the employees who often operate the plate and frame filter press, there are many unexpected problems that are more or less encountered. Once these problems are not dealt with in time, it is likely to affect the normal operation of the plate and frame filter press. The outstanding feature is that when the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press is filtered for a period of time, the permeability of the filter cloth will be greatly reduced.

The following 3 points can deal with the soaking problem:

First of all, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure the normal working efficiency of the plate and frame filter press. Although the plate and frame filter press itself has the function of circulating the filter cake every week, because the filter cloth has a long time and has been filtered. Liquid contact, and its The working environment is firm, so solids adhere to the filter cloth. If cleaning is not frequent, the frequency of filter cloth replacement will increase.

2. Processing method. The filter cloth is prepared by a compact process, which makes the filter cloth have a certain structure, and it is not easy to discharge when the filter cloth is soaked into the solid particles. Once the particles accumulate, the filter pore size of the filter cloth will be reduced. If it is blocked, the filtration speed of the filter cloth will naturally gradually decrease, which will reduce the working efficiency of the plate and frame filter press.

Third, when understanding the nature of cleaning, it is necessary to understand the relevant characteristics of the filtrate. When the filtrate is alkaline, you can choose weak alkaline water for soaking, soak it for about a day, and then quietly wipe it several times and dry it.

Large machines such as plate and frame filter presses are essential for daily protection and maintenance, thus extending the life of the machine!