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Diatomite filter operation method and application
- 2019-10-14-

Application of diatomite filter in mercury-containing wastewater treatment system:
After the mercury-containing wastewater has treated most of the high-value metals at the front end, the high-value metal deposits or flotation that have been reacted and accumulated are re-flocculated and accumulated through flocculants, forming significant large flocculation deposits and discharged at the bottom of the storage tank. Removal, sediments are filtered by filter press, filter cake is recycled to designated manufacturers, and the clean water containing less suspended solids is then precisely filtered through diatomaceous earth filter, so as to provide basic guarantee for subsequent activated carbon and security filtration.
Diatomite filter operation method:
According to the accumulation time and the discharge effect of the accumulation, the diatomite filter has 2 operation methods:
1. After the deposits in the tank are discharged and cleaned, the treated water directly passes through the filter to the rear system (water outlet tank);
2. According to the water quality after treatment, the water in the tank is circulated for a certain period of time, and the water is cleaned and sent to the rear system.
Each time the specific operation is: first add water and diatomite to the diatomite water tank, then open and mix evenly, and then start the circulating pump to pre-coat diatomite on the filter cloth; after the system is stable, open the bottom valve of the water tank , sequentially open the pump inlet and close the circulation valve. When the system is delivered, first open the circulation valve and close the tank bottom valve at the same time. Check the condition of the diatomite after filtration. If it needs to be replaced, open the sewage will contain diatomite. The water is discharged to the filter press reservoir.
Matters needing attention: This equipment is a preliminary guarantee for the subsequent activated carbon filter and security response filter, and the filter cloth must be kept in good condition.