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Maintenance content of filter press
- 2022-02-22-

The filter press is a professional equipment used for heterogeneous separation. It is also used for the same purpose in sewage treatment. There are many types of waste water, but no matter which type, the filter press must be solid and liquid. The water solution can be separated only by using adsorption, or the chemical change may occur in a solid state. Moreover, the filter press itself can separate small particles. For its other aspects, such as protection and maintenance, we are still not right or wrong. , so it is necessary to explain it in detail. This basic common sense can be spread as soon as possible, so that many people can grasp and understand it, and can better grasp the filter press.

The protection and maintenance of the filter press, its specific contents are:

(1) The filter press can only be used in the future after conditioning, and should be checked before work to see if there are any problems.

(2) To be bright in accordance with the standard rules, the remaining oil should be sufficient. The gear oil generally needs to be replaced once a year, and the hydraulic press management system needs to be sorted out in an all-round way.

(3) If the total number of filter plates is too small, the miracle cannot be activated. The filter plates cannot be elastic to avoid water leakage.

(4) The filtration can be started only after all the investigations have no problems. The filtration working pressure and temperature should be within the standard range to avoid problems and damage to the filter plate and other components.

(5) The selection of the filter cloth of the filter press must conform to the rules of filtration professional skills, and the perforation diameter should be lower than the diameter of the filter plate. And the feeding hole cloth should be close to the material layer, otherwise the filtration rate and quality will be reduced , can not reach the estimated filtration effect. The filter cloth of the filter press also needs to be sorted and replaced on time to ensure the filtration effect.

(6) The starting of the gate valve should be operated according to the standard rules, but it is not possible to start several gate valves at the same time to avoid problems.