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What is the pressing principle of the diaphragm filter press?
- 2019-10-12-

What is the pressing principle of the diaphragm filter press?

Diaphragm filter press is divided into polypropylene diaphragm filter press and rubber diaphragm filter press. Polypropylene diaphragm filter press is composed of polypropylene membrane plate and polypropylene matching plate. The filter plate constitutes the filter chamber. The two types of filter presses are very different in terms of material.

The common models of diaphragm filter presses are 870 type filter press, 1000 type filter press, 1250 type filter press, 1500 type filter press, 2000 type filter press. The conventional filter area is 30-1000 square meters. The tightening method generally adopts electro-hydraulic compression. The pulling method generally adopts two kinds of manual pulling plate unloading and automatic pulling plate unloading. The pressing method generally adopts air pressure and water pressure.

The oil cylinder of the diaphragm filter press is generally required to be larger than the oil cylinder of the ordinary filter press of the same type. Because the filtration pressure of the diaphragm filter press is 0.6Mpa, but the pressing pressure is generally below 1.4Mpa. At this time, the oil cylinder is required The pressing force of the filter must be large to withstand the negative pressure generated by water pressure or air pressure. To ensure that when pressing twice, the diaphragm plate squeezes out the excess water of the filter cake in the filter chamber to the greatest extent. purpose of low moisture content.

The pressing principle of the diaphragm filter press relies on the action of an air compressor or a water pump to transport gas or liquid (generally referred to as clean water) to the inside of the hollow plate of the diaphragm plate. The pressure generated from the inside is a filter press. The diaphragm of the filter plate is bulged to reduce the space area of ​​the filter chamber and squeeze the filter cake, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the moisture content of the filter cake. If the principle of air pressure is used, an air compressor and an air storage tank are required. If the pressing principle of water pressure is adopted, a high-pressure vertical water pump, a pipeline return water pump and a pressing water tank need to be prepared.