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The particularity of filter cloth used in plate and frame filter press
- 2019-10-12-

Whether it is the type of plate and frame filter press or the filter cloth of different materials, they have a common characteristic, that is, permeability, that is, the liquid can pass through the filter cloth, and the material expressed by solid is It is left on the filter cloth. Some people are thinking that ordinary cloth can also allow the liquid to permeate. But for the filter cloth that is professionally used for mechanical materials, it is more uniform when permeating and intercepting, and each unit area The inner pore size is the same and the number is stable. Therefore, the difference between the plate and frame filter press filter cloth and the ordinary filter cloth is that the gap between the wires is the same, and the number is the same. Therefore, the plate and frame filter press filter cloth There will be a professional value to mark a characteristic, that is, the number of meshes. The larger the parameter value of the number, the more the number of apertures per unit area, the smaller the aperture, and the smaller the intercepted solid particles.

  Plate and frame filter pressThe complexity of the filter cloth, often the purpose of producing the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press is to use a large number of harsh industrial filtration environments, in order to ensure the applicability of the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press, so the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press It should be a complicated production and processing process. Nowadays, many filter cloths of plate and frame filter presses are woven from a chemical fiber, and each fiber filament that is made into a filter cloth should be screened to ensure the best application and not easy to use. Oxidative deterioration, when each fiber filament is screened out, it is the process of producing a filter cloth through the complex process of the current process, and the filter plate silk needs to be impregnated. It is not enough to produce a filter cloth, and it needs to go back to a certain extent. On the whole, it is also necessary to brush a layer of protective film, which can be spread out for dozens of treatments. Therefore, the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press and the ordinary cloth are more stable, not easily deformed, and more durable. They can also withstand Hundreds, thousands of times of pulling, still maintain the original shape.