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What is the influence of the working period of the diaphragm filter press?
- 2019-10-12-

  Diaphragm filter pressAfter using it for a period of time, I always feel that the processing speed will be slower and slower. Many customers are troubled by this, but they don't know what is the cause. As a result, the replacement of the new filter cloth has caused the cost to increase. Today I smashed the door The reasons that affect the working cycle of the diaphragm filter press are analyzed.

1. Check whether the impeller of the feed pump is worn. The working principle of the diaphragm filter press is to pump the sludge into the filter press with the help of the flow rate of the feed pump. Under the force generated by the lift of the feed pump, the solid Because the particle size is larger than the pore size of the filter cloth, the sludge is trapped in the filter chamber of the filter press and slowly forms a lumpy sludge cake. The channel flows out of the equipment. After working for a period of time, the impeller of the feed pump of the sludge filter press will be worn, which directly affects the flow and head of the pump, thus increasing the working cycle of the filter press.


2. Check whether the pipe of the sludge filter press is blocked by solid objects. Some plastic products sometimes enter the pipe of the filter press with the sludge and block the pipe. This directly affects the flow of the sludge pump and reduces the intake. The amount of water. Thus affecting the time of a cycle of work.

The filter plate of the diaphragm filter press is formed by one-shot injection molding of pure polypropylene. The diaphragm filter plate is made of 2 diaphragms made of polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and a hollow box that is hot-pressed into the filter plate. The diaphragm The diaphragm of the filter plate also uses synthetic rubber as an elastic film. Plate. To ensure that the diaphragm of the diaphragm filter plate is pressed by the material 2 times, the internal pressure is filled with pressurized water or compressed air without cracking or pressure leakage, which not only requires high temperature and high pressure Pressing process. And also need to use a box filter for a longer time to cool and eliminate internal stress. Therefore, different materials, structures and corresponding high-strength working conditions are designed, so the cost of the diaphragm filter press is higher than that of the same capacity box filter press.

3. Check the filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press. The filter cloth is a consumable item and needs to be cleaned regularly. In the sludge dewatering operation of the diaphragm filter press, the moisture content of the mud cake is often very high, causing the mud cake to be outside Serious turbidity during transportation, which affects the environment and does not meet environmental protection requirements. One of the main reasons found by the technicians is that the filter belt is not completely rinsed, and there is blockage, which causes the drainage to be blocked, resulting in high moisture content in the mud cake. When The pressure of the filter belt flushing water was increased from 0.6Mpa to 0.8Mpa, and when the flushing water pipe was installed before the filter belt entered the gravity dewatering zone, the dewatering effect of the sludge was improved, and the moisture content of the mud cake increased and decreased.