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What are the specifications for different filter press specifications?
- 2022-03-01-

Simply put, the types of equipment can be divided according to the specifications of van, plate and frame, partition press, cast iron and stainless steel. This is also to improve the matching degree of equipment and usage scenarios. There are differences in the functional requirements of the filter, so it is trustworthy from any perspective to use this as a distinguishing specification. The key is to be able to combine the operating environment of the equipment to select the corresponding material and type of filter press equipment, in order to meet the needs of routine use. On the basis of this, the filtration effect should be improved as much as possible to enhance the filtration capacity of solid-liquid separation.

Of course, the different pressing methods can also be used to reasonably distinguish the types of equipment. At present, the most widely used pressing methods include manual, mechanical, hydraulic and automatic pulling plates, and the corresponding equipment operating environments are naturally very different. Different, the working frequency and strength will also become the reference conditions for the selection of the compaction method, so the relevant types of filter presses should still be carefully selected, which can further strengthen the solid-liquid separation while meeting the needs of routine use. After all, this can play a positive role in improving production efficiency for industrial production.

Summarizing the objective analysis of various elements, it is not difficult to see that there are not only a wide variety of filter press equipment, but also a unified specification for different specifications and models. Usually, from 450mm to 2000mm and customized series, they can be used in various It is widely used in a variety of complex usage scenarios, which also brings the advantages of powerful functions into full play, so it has been highly evaluated in the fields of mining, metallurgy and sewage treatment. It is also commonplace. The operation is also trustworthy from the perspective of the overall effect.