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What is the filtration speed, operation method and development direction of the filter?
- 2019-10-14-

 filterWhat is the filtration speed related to? What is the operation method of the filter? Where is the research and development of the filter embodied? The following three questions will be answered in sequence, and the answers are as follows.

1. The filtration speed of the filter

When the solid particles in the suspension are large and the particle size is uniform, the pores of the filtered residue layer are relatively smooth, and the speed of the filtrate passing through the filter residue layer is relatively large. The use of coagulant to aggregate the fine particles into larger agglomerates is beneficial to improve the filtration speed.

For the suspension with fast settling speed of solid particles, use the filter feeding the upper part of the filter medium, so that the filtration direction is consistent with the direction of gravity, and the coarse particles settle first, which can reduce the blockage of the filter medium and the filter residue layer; in the difficult-to-filter suspension ( Such as colloid) mixed with coarser solid particles such as diatomaceous earth, expanded perlite, etc., can make the filter residue layer loose; when the filtrate viscosity is large, the suspension can be heated to reduce the viscosity. These measures can speed up the filtration rate.

2. How to operate the filter

In general, when the electroplating solution is filtered, because the electroplating solution contains trace organic substances, it is easy to contaminate the liquid medicine. It is customary to use powdered activated carbon powder to absorb the organic substances in the liquid medicine and keep the liquid medicine clean. When cleaning the filter, the general operator does not Thoroughly clean the impurities in the filter cartridge, and it is easy to leave a small amount of impurities. When the filter is started, it is easy to flow the filter cartridge and the remaining impurities into the liquid medicine tank. In order to avoid neglect due to human operation, a circulation loop is specially designed to provide convenience for operation. .

3. Research and development of filter

The new filtration equipment being carried out includes: mechanical pressing and filtration equipment; dynamic filter that can realize no filter residue layer filtration; washing coal sewage treatment, large-scale filter equipment for chemical and petroleum industries. In terms of filtration theory research, filter residue layer filtration Measurement of resistance and porosity, filtration speed, simulation and expansion of filtration equipment, clarification of filtration and dynamic filtration mechanisms for thin liquids, and research on filtration media are all important topics. The use of electronic computers to control filtration operations is the development of filtration equipment. direction.