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The reason for the leakage of the box filter press
- 2019-10-10-

vanfilter pressIt may be a common problem for many enterprises that the leakage of material occurs after a period of use. So what are the reasons for the leakage of the box filter press?

First, the filter cloth has been used for a long time, and if you do not pay attention to cleaning, the material stays on it, blocking the filter holes, so that the filter cloth does not filter, which will cause material leakage. Sometimes the wrong placement of the filter cloth may also cause material leakage. Filter press There are many reasons why the filter chamber cannot be sealed. Surround the filter chamber for 4 weeks to see if the filter cloth is wrinkled or the edge of the filter cloth is incomplete. Because the structure of the filter chamber is that the filter plate and the filter cloth are cut from each other, they are subject to strong pressure. Made by virtue of.

2. Generally, the filter press has been used for a certain period of time, or often operates under high temperature conditions, and the filter plate is easily deformed, causing slight unevenness, and may also cause material leakage.

3. In the case of high temperature, the cloth clamp may be deformed, or the cloth clamp may not be clamped tightly, or it may cause material leakage. Therefore, if the cloth clamp is deformed, it is better to replace it in time.

4. The compression pressure is insufficient, or the pressure is too large, or it may cause material leakage. There are often customers who think that the higher the pressure of the special pump for the filter press, the faster the filtration speed, this is not correct. The filter plate and filter cloth must be under strong pressure to complete the closed filter chamber structure. When this pressure is lacking, the pressure applied to the filter plate is less than the pressure of the filtrate, and the natural filtrate will also naturally function. soaked through the gap.

5. Many customers do not understand at first that fixing all 4 feet of the filter press, the pressure is high, the frame is easily deformed, the frame is deformed, the filter plate is not flat, the filter chamber cannot form a closed space, and it may also cause leakage. material.

The above is a specific introduction to the reasons for the leakage of the box filter press. In the daily operation and maintenance, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the filter press, which can reduce unnecessary expenses.