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Features of automatic filter press
- 2019-11-19-

I believe that many users use filter presses, but there are still many users who use manual filter presses.

The automatic filter press includes automatic drawing plate filter press, automatic drawing plate water-washable filter cloth filter press, varicose vibration filter press, filter cake conveying filter press, automatic remote program-controlled filter press, etc.

The characteristics of the filter press: the automatic pulling plate box filter press adopts PLC control, automatic pressure maintenance, automatic opening and pulling plate discharge, the main beam adopts rectangular bridge steel, good rigidity, anti-side bending, simple operation, flexible, It has the characteristics of reliable performance, and has a remote control interface while saving manual operation.

The automatic plate-pulling and washable filter cloth filter press realizes automatic plate-pulling and automatic washing of the filter cloth, which solves the problems of difficulty in washing the filter cloth and frequent replacement of the filter cloth, saves water resources, shortens the washing time of the filter cloth, and makes the filter cloth The water permeability is stronger, which improves the filtration speed and prolongs the service life of the filter cloth.

The varicose rapping filter press is suitable for materials with high viscosity and difficult to automatically fall off the filter cake. The filter cloth varicose rapping system independently developed by our company can change the inclination angle of the filter cloth during the use of the filter press to form an inverted V shape. At the same time, the spring on the filter cloth expands and contracts to produce jitter, which makes the filter cake fall off automatically.

The filter cake conveying filter press is when the material in the filter chamber of the filter press is full, and when the filter press is unloaded, the filter cake falls off by its own weight, falls onto the conveyor, and transports the filter cake to the filter cake storage place to complete the filter cake transportation.

The automatic remote control filter press combines the characteristics of the above filter press to achieve remote control of the filter press.