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What should I do if the water seepage between the plate and frame of the filter press is corrected?
- 2022-03-08-

The filter press is a kind of filtration equipment used for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. It is often used in the dewatering of fine tailings in mineral processing plants. However, through long-term operations, many users report that there will be water seepage between the plates and frames of the filter press. phenomenon, how to solve it?

When the hydraulic pressure is low, there are wrinkles on the filter cloth, there are gaps on the filter cloth, or there are unidentified objects in the shape of blocks on the sealing surface, and the phenomenon of water seepage between the plates and frames of the filter press is easy to occur.

If you want to solve it, the filter press manufacturer proposes to increase the hydraulic pressure accordingly; once there are folds or gaps on the filter cloth, replace the filter cloth in time, and a nylon scraper can be used to remove the unknown block on the sealed surface in time. .

If the equipment makes an abnormal noise during operation, it is very likely that the motor is aging and the load is too heavy, or the high-pressure oil pump is damaged (the high-pressure oil pump is generally a plunger pump). The device is not concentric. If the coupling is not placed correctly, the motor will swing too much and the load will increase, resulting in abnormal noise.

Solution: If the motor is seriously aged, replace the motor. If the hydraulic oil is abnormal or has a long age, it is easy to cause damage to the plunger, which needs to be replaced in time, or the coupling should be recalibrated.

Electrical faults, the wires are easy to fall off, the wiring is wrong, the parts are in poor contact or the parts are damaged, the screws are not firmly screwed, etc. These problems will lead to electrical problems.

Solution: The electrical personnel should grasp the solid knowledge of electrical principles, and at the same time properly grasp the basic principles and systems of the filter press, so that the electrical problems of the filter press can be solved in time when a problem occurs. Electrical faults, so as to clean up, repair or replace the faults, but also ensure that the electrical contacts are reliable. During the period, the components that are prone to problems should be checked first to ensure the speed of repair and prevent unnecessary losses.