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Advantages of environmentally friendly sewage treatment machines in sewage treatment
- 2020-01-18-

Advantages of environmentally friendly sewage treatment machines in sewage treatment

1. Fully automatic operation: After the data is set for one time, the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet can be automatically detected, the filter tube can be cleaned automatically, and the sewage can be automatically discharged, which is realizing unmanned operation.

2. Accurate and reliable: The core part - differential pressure controller adopts imported brand, which has the advantages of accurate measurement and reliable control, and eliminates the phenomenon that the equipment does not work or does not stop due to measurement and control errors.

3. Reasonable configuration: The electric ball valve is used as the blowdown valve to solve the phenomenon that the valve is not closed tightly and the quality is unstable, and it can also avoid the influence of the too fast opening speed of the solenoid valve on the excessive pressure of the system.

4. Advanced design: DZQX automatic environmental protection sewage treatment machine absorbs foreign automatic filtration technology, adopts a unique sewage structure, and can completely remove dirt.

5. Self-protection: The controller is equipped with working time limit protection. When a fault occurs, the filter is blocked due to a large number of unremovable foreign objects and causes excessive pressure. When it has been in the state of cleaning and sewage, the continuous cleaning time can be set arbitrarily.

6, Elaborate processing: Strict quality assurance system, strict organization, and careful processing make DZQX have a good level of quality, service life, more than 15 years for the main engine and more than 20 years for the auxiliary engine.

7. High degree of automation: standard interface is provided, which can be connected to any monitoring network.