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Why does the motor of the diaphragm filter press make noise?
- 2022-03-17-

Diaphragm filter presses, like other equipment, may make noise from the motor when the filter press is running. However, when using a diaphragm filter press, you will find that the motor sometimes makes abnormal noises. What is the problem?
1. The motor is aging and the load is too heavy;
2. The high-pressure oil pump is damaged, so the filter press is generally formed. The high-pressure oil pump is generally a plunger pump. If the hydraulic oil is abnormal or has a long service life, it means that the plunger is damaged;
3. When installing the hydraulic station, the center of the coupling is different. If the coupling is not pressed correctly, the motor will swing too much and the load will increase. The surface of the filter plate of the sand washing filter press has pits and bosses to support Filter cloth. There are through holes in the middle and corners of the filter plate, which form a complete channel after assembly, which can pass the suspension, wash water and guide the filtrate. The filter plate supported on the beam has handles on both sides of the filter plate. It is pressed by the pressing device. The filter cloth between the filter plates has a sealing effect. The above three aspects are the reasons for the abnormal noise of the filter press motor during use. I hope to help you.
In addition, we need to pay attention that all sludge slurry pumps mainly have mud leakage, and the bearings and packing of these sludge slurry pumps are sealed. Generally, it needs to be checked within half a month. Check the hydraulic station, including the content of hydraulic oil , the hydraulic coefficient of the hydraulic station. This is because the hydraulic station is an important power part of the membrane filter press. Whether it works normally depends on the pressure of the filter chamber of the membrane filter press. It is more important to maintain a stable pressure in the filter chamber. Check the oil observation windows of the air compressor and speed regulating motor. At the time of purchase, the new equipment is already full of lubricating oil, and generally should be checked continuously within a month. After inspection, check the activation of the exhaust valve to see the control of these gases, And check the pressure relief valve.