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3 practical filter press failure analysis and solutions
- 2019-12-09-

1. The filter plate is loose or even leaks oil

Failure analysis: The hydraulic system of the plate and frame filter press mainly provides pressure. When the oil filling in the oil chamber A increases, the piston moves to the left, pressing the filter plate to seal it. When the oil filling in the oil chamber B increases, the piston moves to the right, and the pressure filter The filter plate of the filter press is loosened. Due to the precision manufacturing, the hydraulic system of the filter press has fewer failures, as long as you pay attention to the daily maintenance. O-ring seal.

Solution: The common hydraulic failures of filter presses are that the pressure cannot be maintained and the hydraulic cylinder is not propelled properly. The main reasons for the inability to maintain the pressure are oil leakage, O-ring wear and abnormal operation of the solenoid valve, etc. The common solutions are Remove and check the valve, replace the O-ring, clean and check the solenoid valve or replace the solenoid valve. If the hydraulic cylinder of the filter press is not properly advanced, it is obvious that the air is sealed inside. At this time, as long as the system is pumped, it is generally OK. Resolve quickly.

2. There are groove marks on the filter plate of the filter press

Failure analysis: After the filter plate of the filter press has been used for several years, for some reason, some groove marks are washed out at the corners. Once the groove marks appear, they will expand rapidly until the formation of the filter cake is affected. At the beginning The filter cake becomes soft, and then becomes semi-slime, and the filter cake cannot be formed. Due to the special material of the filter plate of the filter press, it is difficult to repair and can only be replaced with a new one, resulting in high consumption of spare parts. During this period, we tried it out. Some repair agents have been used, but the effect has not been good. When the oil surface repair agent was used, the situation finally turned around. The trial effect was very good, and the sealing effect was achieved.

Solution: 1. Clean up the grooves and leak out fresh surfaces, which can be cleaned with a small saw blade, etc.

2. Two kinds of repairing agents in black and white are prepared according to the ratio of 1:1

3. Apply the prepared repair agent on the groove, and apply it slightly higher

4. Quickly set the filter cloth of the filter press, squeeze the filter plates of the filter press together to make the repair agent and the filter cloth of the filter press stick together, and squeeze the groove at the same time.

5. After extruding for a period of time, the viscose will naturally form and will not change, and it can be used normally at this time.

3. Uneven formation of filter cake

Failure analysis: There are many reasons for the failure or unevenness of the filter cake of the plate and frame filter press. Insufficient or too thin material supply, or clogging can cause this phenomenon. For these failures, the reasons for these failures should be carefully investigated and finally found Identify the exact problem and then treat it accordingly.

Solution: The main solutions are: increase the feeding, adjust the process, improve the feeding, clean the filter cloth of the filter press or replace the filter cloth of the filter press, clean the blockage, clean the feeding hole, clean the drain hole, clean or replace Filter press filter cloth, increase pressure or pump power, low pressure start, continuous pressurization and other methods.