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What is a plate cardboard filter?
- 2020-03-21-

Plate cardboard filter, using filter cardboard as filter medium, is a small-volume, high-precision filter equipment. Plate cardboard filter can further purify the liquid that has been initially filtered and whose concentration value reaches the specified requirements. Plate cardboard filter is based on The performance of the cardboard can realize clear filtration and sterile filtration, and can also be pre-coated with diatomaceous earth on the cardboard to achieve higher filtration requirements.

The plate cardboard filter is generally used in conjunction with the previous filtration. The filter plate is made of reinforced polypropylene, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, non-toxic, and has a long service life. Manual screw compression, the filtration pressure is less than or equal to 0.3MPa, and the filtration temperature is 0 degrees Celsius -80 Degree Celsius. Plate cardboard filter is mainly suitable for precision filtration or sterilization filtration of beer, rice wine, liquor, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and similar liquids, and its effect is significantly improved than that before fine filtration.