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How to improve the life of the plate cardboard filter?
- 2020-03-28-

After the filter cloth on the plate cardboard filter has been used for a period of time, it is bound to be damaged due to corrosion, aging, mechanical wear and other reasons. When the filter cloth is seriously damaged, it needs to be replaced. The replacement work of the plate cardboard filter is in the eyes of ordinary people. It is a simple and easy task. In fact, changing the filter cloth is a work that requires care and responsibility. The quality of the filter cloth replacement is closely related to the preparatory work and the work attitude during the matter. Of course , Correct use and maintenance are also very important. They all directly affect the filtering effect and service life of the filter cloth, and have a greater impact on the operation of subsequent processes or other acid-using devices.

Preparations before replacing the filter cloth of the plate-type cardboard filter Under normal circumstances, before removing the old filter cloth of the plate-type cardboard filter, all parts above the filter plate of the filter press must be cleaned and washed. The maintenance work is all over. After removing the old filter cloth, wash the filter plate with high-pressure water to ensure that the filter plate is not scaled, the filter holes are not blocked, and the guide holes under the filter plate are unobstructed, and the new filter cloth can be installed. In this way On the one hand, it can prevent the scale above the plate cardboard filter from falling on the filter plate to block the filter holes, affecting the flatness of the new filter cloth, or the scale falling on the new filter cloth, polluting the filter cloth and reducing the filtering effect; On the one hand, it can prevent the personnel working on the filter press from stepping on the dirt falling on the filter plate or the new filter cloth, so that it adheres tightly to the filter plate or the new filter cloth, or stepping on the dirt falling on the filter cloth. The hard objects on the filter cloth will scratch the filter cloth. It is forbidden to throw tools and utensils on the filter cloth to damage the filter cloth. The facts tell us: the preparation work is not in place, the use of the new filter cloth will be greatly reduced, and the service life will be greatly shortened .Sometimes, when the new filter cloth is replaced, holes are found as soon as it is used, or damage occurs after one or two days of use. Although the use of the filter cloth has changed after repairing, the frequency of damage will inevitably increase. , The filter cloth for 5 months can barely last for a month at most. The filter cloth is frequently damaged. If it is not repaired in time, the solid content of the finished dilute acid or each washing solution will inevitably increase. The consequences are: on the one hand, The decline in the quality of the dilute acid is unfavorable for the subsequent concentration production and the operation of other plate-type cardboard filter devices; on the other hand, the plate-type cardboard filter filter chamber and related equipment, the pipeline fouling is intensified, the device is frequently shut down, and the production capacity will be affected.