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Application of Diaphragm Filter Press in Coal Washing Industry
- 2020-01-15-

Application of diaphragm filter press in coal washing industry The filter press is KM type fast diaphragm filter press, which is a pressure filter configuration that uses filter media to evacuate the evacuated insoluble solid particles from the liquid. Compared with the machine, its advantages are as follows: a. Adopt multi-port feeding, fast feeding speed, uniform distribution, and good cake result; b. Adopt master, multi-cylinder synchronous pressing and control technology, the force of the filter plate is even and reasonable, and the edge Good sealing, no material spraying when high pressure, large flow, and rapid slurry feeding; c adopt unique hydraulic drive, group opening and closing, circular chain pulls the filter plate group and filter cloth staggered unloading mechanism, realizes rapid unloading material; adopting 2 times diaphragm pressing and dehydration process, the moisture of filter cake is low; quick-opening diaphragm filter press; d. Developed filtrate flow detection device, the filter chamber is abundant and good, and realizes the automation of the whole process of filtration system operation. Quick-opening drying The basic filter press mechanism of the filter press consists of a hot-pressed diaphragm filter plate and a drying plate placed in isolation. The diaphragm filter press completes the mechanical filtration of the suspension and cake in the filter chamber; then it enters the hot-pressed filtration drying and dehydration stage, namely The fluid heat medium steam or heat transfer oil is introduced into the drying plate, and the drainage channel is evacuated, and the filter cake is squeezed by the diaphragm machine, so that the filter cake capillary water close to the drying plate is evaporated due to conduction and heat in a short time, so The generated steam expands sharply, and drives the filter cake capillary water far away from the drying plate to flow out of the filter cake in liquid form. After the storage is low, the warehouse will not be blocked, thus solving the problem of environmental pollution caused by open storage.