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What is the 2nd press of a diaphragm filter press
- 2019-12-06-

The filter press is completed by the pump feeding, and the discharged liquid is less and less when it reaches the drop shape, and it can be completed in one filtration cycle. However, there are still many manufacturers who do not know that there is such an upgrade machine model- --Diaphragm filter press; so how does the diaphragm filter press operate?
First of all, let's talk about how the diaphragm filter press came from. Before the diaphragm filter press appeared, many manufacturers complained that the filter cake moisture point filtered by the pressure filtration was still too much; this led to the development of the diaphragm filter press;
The composition of the diaphragm filter press:
The main part of the diaphragm filter press is basically the same, but the filter plates are different. Among all the filter plates, half of the filter plates can have the pressing function. The processing of the pressing plate is composed of a solid filter plate and two fast diaphragms. Combination, the processing technology is more complicated; so now the price of diaphragm filter press is still relatively high.
Diaphragm filter press operation:
In the actual application process, when the filtration is about the same time; (it does not matter when there is still a lot of liquid in the discharge port), you can turn off the feed pump, open the diaphragm to squeeze air or liquid for 2 times of squeezing, the time is about It's about 7-10 minutes.