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How does the plate cardboard filter work?
- 2020-04-08-

BASB400 series plate cardboard filter, No.: 200820081888.6, plate cardboard filter adopts filter cardboard as filter medium, plate cardboard filter is a small volume, high precision filter equipment. The liquid that meets the specified requirements is further purified. According to the performance of the cardboard, clean filtration and sterile filtration can be realized. The plate cardboard filter can also be pre-coated with diatomite on the cardboard. The plate cardboard filter can achieve higher filtration requirements, and the filter clarity can be adjusted. Up to 99.9 percent, the turbidity after filtration (EBC) can reach below 0.3. The plate-type cardboard filter is generally used in conjunction with the front filter. The plate-type cardboard filter has a novel product structure, convenient movement and simple operation. The filter plate is made of reinforced polypropylene. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, non-toxic, long service life. The plate cardboard filter has 2 types of cast iron and all stainless steel frame, and the machine specifications are shown in the table.


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The plate type cardboard filter is mainly suitable for precision filtration or sterilization filtration of beer, rice wine, liquor, beverages, various oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and similar liquids, and its effect is significantly improved than before the fine filtration.