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How to make the plate cardboard filter last longer?
- 2020-04-19-

How to make the plate cardboard filter last longer? Correct use and operation are crucial, but another important factor is our daily maintenance of the plate cardboard filter. Talk about some of your own thoughts on the daily maintenance of the plate cardboard filter.

A. The plate cardboard filter should be placed near the liquid tank. The water inlet pipe of the water pump should not be too long, generally 3 meters is suitable, and the liquid outlet pipe should be determined according to the needs. The inlet and outlet pipes should be placed in the tank, and there should be For good fixation, a coarse filter must be installed at the end of the water inlet pipe to prevent small parts from being sucked into the pump cavity and damage the parts.

B. According to the assembly drawing, put the filter element into the filter cartridge, cover the barrel cover, tighten the quick-opening bolt, and close the air release valve to keep the filter cartridge and the pipeline in a sealed state. Open the water diversion ball valve at the bottom of the water diversion cylinder, so that the liquid medicine flows into the pump cavity along the diversion pipe until the water inlet pipe is filled, close the water diversion ball valve, and jog to see if the motor is running forward. The flow rate is normal.

C. Open the air release valve on the cover of the filter cartridge, and release the air in the filter cartridge until the air release valve sprays out the liquid medicine. At this time, close the air release valve and the machine runs normally. After a period of time Continuously circulating filtration, the filter residue intercepted on the filter element gradually thickens, the pressure in the filter cartridge is increasing, and the flow rate is getting smaller and smaller. At this time, attention should be paid to cleaning the filter element in time.

D. If the self-priming pump of the plate-type cardboard filter is out of use for a long time, some water should be poured into the pump to prevent the residual liquid from crystallizing in the pump cavity.

E. Operation of adding filter aid or activated carbon: When the plate cardboard filter is working normally, loosen the air release valve and introduce the liquid into the water diversion cylinder. The liquid medicine reaches more than one-third of the water diversion cylinder. Put activated carbon or filter aid in the water tank for stirring, and then open the water diversion valve under the water diversion cylinder to make the liquid flow into the pump. In this way, the continuous cycle operation for many times will form a filter film on the surface of the filter element, and then filter it normally. Electroplating solution achieves the desired effect.

The above insights hope to help you extend the service life of the panel cardboard filter more effectively when using the panel cardboard filter.