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Experts analyze the relationship between plate and frame filter press and climate
- 2020-05-11-

Experts analyze the relationship between plate and frame filter press and climate

As a filter press with pressure as the main driving force, many people will associate its use with seasons, so what is the truth of the matter, and should people change the use of plate and frame filter presses in response to seasonal climate changes? Well, let us ask the experts to see how the engineers of Jingjin Filter Press Co., Ltd. answered this question.

First of all, when the temperature drops, the work of the plate and frame filter press will be much more stable than when it is hot, which is more obvious in the summer and autumn, because the filter press will generate a lot of heat in the process of working. In summer, when the temperature is high, it takes a long time for the heat to dissipate into the air, but in autumn, this phenomenon will be significantly improved, so when using the machine in autumn, people often don’t have to worry too much about whether it will be caused by the temperature. The state of shutdown caused by the rise, of course, the accumulation of this for a long time will be very helpful to the extension of the life of the machine.

Secondly, one thing that people need to pay attention to is that although the climate will be much better in autumn than in summer, the air will also be much drier, which makes it easy for the machine to take away the liquid on the equipment when it is working. It is good to be taken away, but if substances such as hydraulic oil and lubricating oil used in equipment are taken away by dry air, the consequences can be imagined. Therefore, here, the experts of Jingjin filter press remind everyone that when drying When using the plate and frame filter press in hot weather, you must always pay attention to lubrication.

The above is just a brief introduction to the relationship between the use of the plate and frame filter press and the seasons in the context of autumn.

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