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Plate and frame filter equipment installation and handover process
- 2020-05-31-

Plate and frame filter equipment installation and handover process

After the plate and frame filter equipment is delivered to the enterprise, it must be installed, debugged, and the final inspection work must be done.

\u003Ci>1.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>1.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>检验移送程序\u003C\/i>\u003Cb>Check transfer procedure\u003C\/b>

⑴Experience inspection, device debugging

⑵ make device debugging records

(3) Judgment and related personnel visa together

⑷ Transfer the equipment handling department for equipment numbering, and establish ledger and files

⑸The financial department handles the procedures for transferring into fixed assets

⑹ Delivery and production application

After the filter press indicates that the equipment has been overhauled or technically transformed, the inspection and accounting procedures must also be processed. The relevant technical documents, drawings and accounting records should be stored in the equipment files.

1. Equipment unpacking inspection

After the new equipment enters the factory, the equipment department and the operating unit will participate in the unpacking inspection. The contents are: whether the whole machine is in good condition, whether the attached accessories, and whether the technical documents are consistent with the packing list. After the inspection, fill in the equipment unpacking inspection list. , and transferred to the operating unit for safekeeping. The relevant problems found in the inspection and inspection shall be handled harmoniously by the equipment department.

2, equipment

The installation work of the plate and frame filter is carried out by the equipment department. During this period, the foundation construction is carried out by the infrastructure department. If the operating unit has the ability to install it, it will be installed by the unit; if there is no ability to install, the operator will be arranged by the equipment department to complete the installation.

3, equipment transfer

After the equipment installation of the filter press is completed, the equipment department, together with the operating unit, the infrastructure department, the safety technology and environmental protection department and the relevant device construction units, shall conduct inspection and test runs according to the specifications, and transfer the random accessories and tools. After passing the inspection, the relevant departments and units shall sign And fill in the transfer production inspection form, deliver it for production use, at the same time, register and serialize at the equipment tool; record it in the finance department and the cost department. All settlement costs are included in fixed assets for processing.

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