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Bearing plays an important role in the core effect of diaphragm filter press
- 2020-05-25-

Bearing plays an important role in the core effect of diaphragm filter press

The important function of the bearing of the diaphragm filter press is to guide the rotation of the shaft, and it can also support the idling parts on the shaft, mainly to reduce friction. If there is no bearing, the noise must be very loud. The noise is small and the damage to the equipment is impossible. estimated.

The working process of the diaphragm filter press is inseparable from waste water and sludge. These two substances cause great damage to the bearing. The selected bearing must be wear-resistant, so the requirements for sealing and lubrication are very high.

When using the diaphragm filter press equipment for a long time, this situation will be encountered more or less after using the hydraulic oil for a period of time. The hydraulic oil seems to contain more impurities, or the hydraulic oil turns white and has no adhesion. This is an emulsion the result of.

Due to the simple working environment of the diaphragm filter press, it may cause internal equipment failure. The diaphragm filter press is suitable for heavy rainy weather, especially in the humid and hot weather in the south. Because the control circuit of the diaphragm filter press contains a large number of circuits, electronic components and Some sensors. If the sensitivity of these sensors is affected by the hot and humid environment, it may cause a short circuit. When the diaphragm filter oil pump is pumped into such a hydraulic oil chamber and applies pressure to the piston, the forces between the objects are mutual, so the piston will Applying the same force as the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic oil of the filter is slowly pressed down.

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