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Advantages and disadvantages of plate and frame type, horizontal disc type and candle type diatomite filter?
- 2020-07-16-

Plate and frame type, horizontal disc type, candle type 3 typesDiatomaceous earth filteradvantages and disadvantages?


When you buy a diatomite filter, it is also a diatomite filter, but the internal structure of the filter is different, which has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The algae filter made a summary:


Advantages of plate and frame diatomite filter:


①Stable filtration, easy operation and low price;


② Use the support plate as the pre-coating medium, the pre-coating is firmly attached, the sedimentation is uniform, the filtration performance is consistent, and the clarity of the wine is guaranteed;


③ During the filtration process, the pressure fluctuation is small, and the pre-coating is not easy to fall off.


④ Low soil consumption.


Disadvantages of plate and frame diatomite filter:


①After a set of support plates are used for several filtration cycles, they need to be cleaned and replaced, which increases the cost;


② It is labor-intensive to disassemble the plate and frame to discharge the waste diatomite;


③ The edge of the cardboard is exposed outside the frame, which is prone to seepage or leakage of wine, and mildew on the surface;


④ There are more wine heads and tails.


⑤ After the filtration is interrupted, it is necessary to recirculate to form a filter layer and then carry out the filtration operation.


Advantages of horizontal disc type diatomite filter:


①The disc is in a horizontal state, and the pressure fluctuation has little effect on the filter layer;


②When cleaning, backflush cleaning from the hollow shaft, drive the filter disc to rotate, and remove the waste diatomite;


③The filtration operation and cleaning are automated, the sealing is good, and the head and tail of the wine can be compressed with CO2;


④If the filtration process is interrupted for some reason, the diatomite filter layer will not be damaged, and the filtration can be continued after recovery.


Disadvantages of horizontal disc type diatomite filter:


①Diatomite can only be deposited on the filter screen on the surface of the filter disc, and the effective area is small;


②The space height requirements of vertical cylindrical tanks are high;


③The precision of the central axis is high to ensure that the filter disc is flat and even.


Advantages of candle type diatomite filter:


①The filter layer is laid on the steel support ring, which has a relatively large filtering area and high filtering efficiency;


② During filtration, as the thickness of the diatomite filter layer increases, the filtration area increases accordingly, so that the filtration volume is relatively stable;


③ With a large backwash pressure, each candlestick can be cleaned well;


④Simple operation, easy to realize automation.


Disadvantages of candle type diatomite filter:


①Diatomite is attached to the vertical cylindrical surface, which is greatly affected by pressure fluctuations, and the filtration process should not be stopped;


② Candlestick column clearance height requirements are high;


③ It is impossible to use CO2 to compress the head and tail of the wine.


④The cost of the filter element is high, and the soil leakage of the filter element is not easy to find.