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Why can't the diaphragm filter press filter strong materials?
- 2022-02-09-

Diaphragm filter press is widely used in our production industry. It has corrosion resistance and is easy to repair. It is more popular in our metallurgy, sewage treatment and other industries. In addition, diaphragm filter press is used in The processing capacity per unit area is still relatively strong, it can reduce the moisture of our filter cake, and it has a better effect on the processing adaptability of our materials.

There are filter plates in the diaphragm filter press, and our filter plate is made of filters. If we put solid materials into it, it will definitely affect the filter plate in our diaphragm filter press. damage.

In the process of our filtering operation, if many solid objects are put in, and these objects are large and numerous, they will definitely accumulate in our filter room, and as they accumulate The number is more and more, after squeezing the filter cake, it will definitely cause damage to our filter press, because the force is mutual.

If the filter press is damaged, it will cause the force of our filter plates to be uneven, and there may be unevenness, uneven height, and deformation. We cannot see these conditions with the naked eye, because they are all inside. Therefore, we cannot filter solid substances when using the diaphragm filter press, which is also to protect our filter press.

The above is the common sense about the diaphragm filter press, I hope it can bring you some help and reference value.