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Low filter efficiency? These things to keep in mind
- 2021-02-04-

Low filter efficiency? These things to keep in mind

Many users have the problem of low efficiency in the process of using the filter. In order to avoid this problem, in addition to paying attention to the operation, you can also improve the performance of the electroplating filter according to some methods. Let's get to know it together !

1. When using the electroplating filter, it is necessary to check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are properly installed, and also check whether the pressure gauge shows normal, and then fix it in the tank to make it difficult to shift.

2. Before running the electroplating filter motor, you must first check whether the working voltage used and the motor wiring voltage are wrong. When the motor is running, turn off the water supply first, and then open the exhaust valve, so that the gas enters the nozzle according to the pipeline. bucket.

3. Before the power supply of the electroplating filter is running, everyone must check whether the water inlet pipeline is correct: whether the inlet and outlet are open, whether the pipeline circulation route is correct, whether the liquid in the liquid tank is normal, and whether the pipeline is damaged.

4. After completing the above steps, run the pump motor and start running, you must pay attention to whether the pump is running in the wrong direction. If the running direction is wrong, the outlet will not be able to discharge normally, and changing the direction can be solved.

5. In order to avoid idling caused by inhalation of gas at the pump inlet, the liquid in the water injection bucket must be poured into the pump through the water tank. If there is no liquid in the water injection bucket, the water tank must be turned off.