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How to use the rice wine press
- 2021-04-01-

What preparations need to be done before using the rice wine press

With the wide application of rice wine presses, more and more operators have begun to pay attention to the precautions and operating procedures in the use process. Perhaps in some processes, they did not pay much attention to the preparation of the rice wine press, which brought the follow-up work. A certain impact. So, what should operators pay attention to before applying a rice wine press?

Yellow wine presses must be checked before being used in an industrial filtration process:

1. Before running the rice wine press, check the inlet and outlet pipes and connections for leakage or blockage. At the same time, keep the pipes, filter press frame and filter cloth clean, and check whether the inlet water pump and valve are normal.

2. Check whether the connecting parts, bolts and nuts of the rice wine press frame are loose, adjust and reinforce them at any time, keep the relative moving parts well lubricated, and ensure that the oil pump station is normal, the oil quality is clean, and the oil level is sufficient.

The rice wine press should be filtered after preparation before filtering:

1. After the inspection before filtration, the rice wine press should be ready for filtration, turn on the external power supply, start the motor, pull the manual valve back to the proper position, and then use the manual valve to control the middle position.

2. Hang the clean rice wine press filter cloth on the 2 side of the filter plate and align with the material hole. The filter cloth must be larger than the sealing surface of the filter plate, and the cloth hole should not be larger than the pipe hole. The filter cloth should be flat and not folded to avoid leakage , the frame must be neat.

3. Pull the manual valve of the rice wine press to the overflow valve where the process stops, adjust the pressure to 15-20mpa, make the middle top plate press the filter plate, and lock the lock nut on the screw. Then control the manual valve to the middle position , and press the pump stop button.