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How the automatic filter press works
- 2021-04-15-

How the automatic filter press works

When using the automatic filter press, when the total number of filter plates is lower than the required total number, it is forbidden to operate step by step in the processing plant to prevent damage to equipment parts. Check the placement of the filter plates before feeding, and the filter cloth cannot be stretched to prevent a large amount of leakage ; After unloading the cake, the filter plate must be clamped and placed neatly.

All normal automatic box filter presses must be adjusted before feeding, and the whole machine should be inspected in an all-round way before each shift. Sufficient grease must be added to the components of the reduction drive system and reducer of mechanical equipment; the storage capacity of the oil tank and the pressure of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press. The gear oil is usually replaced once a year. When replacing, the hydraulic transmission system should be thoroughly cleaned once. The pressure of the hydraulic system is less than the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, but not less than the specified value of the filter working pressure. Rarely will cause Large leaks, too many will destroy equipment parts.

After everything is normal, the filter plate can be clamped to develop the filter press. Filtration working pressure and temperature must be kept within all normal ranges. If the filter pressure is too high, it will cause leakage. If the filter temperature is too high, the plastic filter plate Easy to deform. When feeding, the concentration value of the mixture should be symmetrical. There must be no dirt; after unloading the cake, the filter cloth and filter plate must be clean and tidy, and the sediment does not need to stick to the convex surface or the feeding safety channel, otherwise it will endanger the filter plate The feeding transmission and sealing characteristics of the filter plate lead to unbalanced working pressure on the two sides of the filter plate, resulting in the deformation and damage of the filter plate.

The selection of the filter cloth of the automatic box filter press must meet the requirements of the filter paddle filtration technology. The new filter cloth should be folded before manufacturing, and the opening diameter should be lower than the diameter of the filter plate. When distributing the filter plate, the distribution holes should be in the same position as the welding bolts. On a boat, the feeding hole should be close to the material layer. Otherwise, the composition will be unclear, the filtration rate will be low, and the pipe will be cracked, which will not achieve the expected actual filtration effect.

In the early stage of the filter press, the filter of the automatic box filter press is turbid, and when anaerobic granular sludge is produced on the filter cloth, the leachate will become clearer and clearer. The cloth is damaged or the cloth holes are different from the welding bolts. At this time, the gate valve should be closed or the feeding should be stopped, and the filter cloth should be removed and replaced. The filter cloth should be allowed to diffuse in the middle of the filter plate, causing a small amount of leakage.