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Operation after the automatic filter press is stopped
- 2022-02-24-

1. When the automatic filter press stops running, basically the operation is to ensure that there is no filtrate in the equipment, which means that it is not easy to leave the filtrate in the equipment, because the fixed filtrate flows slowly in the equipment. Dry After the turbulent deposition, it will produce a rigid solid, which will not only block the key part of the equipment, but also continue to make the filter press unable to operate normally the next time it is restarted. In more serious cases, the filter press will crack. , commonly used filtrates must be washed from the equipment to avoid their hardening or chemical reactions in the equipment.

2. After applying the filter cloth of the filter press, it is necessary to maintain the wet condition of the filter cloth, because once the filter cloth and the filter press are applied together, the weak working pressure of the leachate and the equipment will make the filter cloth wet. The filter cloth Slim. After dismantling and replacing, this type of filter cloth will no longer be able to withstand dry tempering. Because the filter cloth is too dry, the chemical fibers of the filter cloth will be gathered. In this way, the quality of the solid particles intercepted by the filter cloth will be seriously changed, which will It will seriously damage the working quality of the filter press and make the filter cloth more easily damaged. Therefore, the protection of the filter cloth should be carried out after standby.

3. After the automatic filter press is stopped, it is necessary to avoid water seepage in the hydraulic system, otherwise it will cause mildew and corruption of the automobile oil. Therefore, the sealing and protection should be carried out after the machine is stopped.

Downtime is not sloppy, it immediately damages the useful life of the equipment and the high efficiency of the next job. No one can ignore the actual operation later, and should pay the same attention to maintenance after standby.

As a key part of the filter equipment, the filter plate is an indispensable part of the equipment and plays a particularly important role in the equipment. We will discuss the damage of the filter to all the filters, and here is the filter area of ​​the equipment.

Everyone knows that the total filter area of ​​MT equipment is determined by the total area of ​​filter cloth and filter cloth device. However, it must be connected to the filter plate. On the other hand, the filter plate is clear filter cloth and filter cloth. However, clear The filter press area. Hence the filter. The plate also clears the total filtering area. The total filtering area of ​​the filter press is very damaged. The filter plate damages the total filtering area of ​​the equipment, which will immediately damage the high filtration efficiency of the equipment, and also damage the equipment. use value.