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Maintenance and maintenance of blower in environmental protection sewage treatment equipment?
- 2019-12-20-

Industrial wastewater from processing plants is one of the keys to environmental problems. my country now has certain regulations on industrial wastewater. Therefore, a large number of environmentally friendly sewage treatment equipment has been produced in the market today. The actual effect of sewage treatment equipment in treating sewage, users who want to choose As we all know, this is why more and more companies are beginning to choose sewage treatment equipment.

One of the most important equipment in the environmental protection sewage treatment equipment is the blower. How to protect the blower is a very critical point relative to ensuring the long-term operation life of the sewage treatment equipment. When operating the domestic sewage treatment equipment, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the blower. The following face Let us introduce how to maintain the blower of environmental protection sewage treatment equipment.

1. Ensure that the ventilation of the blower room is good. The blower is a large energy consumer in the sewage treatment system, and heat will be formed in the whole process of its operation. If its temperature cannot be diffused on time, especially in summer, the temperature of the blower will be too high. It will not only endanger the life of the motor, but also cause the blower to stop due to insufficient power. When necessary, the air conditioner can be used to reduce the temperature to completely solve the problem of the temperature rise of the blower. When using an air conditioner, indoor air cooling can be used There are 2 ways to cool the air intake of the blower at any time.

2. Adjusting the air supply of the blower should be determined according to the oxygen demand of the biological reflection tank.

3. Measures should be taken when the blower and the water (oil) cooling system are suddenly powered off or malfunctioned.

4, the fan impeller is strictly prohibited to reverse.

5. The blower room should ensure good ventilation. During normal operation, the pressure of the outlet air duct should not exceed the design pressure value. After the operation is stopped, the inlet and outlet gate valves or regulating valves of the system should be closed. Drain the water in the water cooling system.

6. During the operation of the blower, the oil temperature, oil pressure, air volume, air pressure, external temperature, current, voltage and other parameters of the fan and motor should be inspected regularly, and the record report should be filled out. When abnormal conditions cannot be ruled out, you should Stop according to the operating procedure first.

7. The muffler muffler material of the blast system and the adjustment device of the guide vane should be regularly maintained. When there is corrosion, aging, or falling off, it should be repaired or replaced on time.

8. It is strictly forbidden to touch the air pipeline during the operation of the blower. When overhauling the air pipeline, it should be carried out after the heat pipe is cooled and cooled.

9. According to the operation protection period, the safety valve should be checked for various functions under the condition of exhaust pressure.

The introduction about how to maintain the blower of environmental protection sewage treatment equipment is here. In order for the sewage treatment equipment to serve us for a longer period of time, the protection and maintenance of each part of the equipment are indispensable. Therefore, understand the maintenance of domestic sewage treatment equipment. Which methods are there is very important.