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Precautions in the use of filter press
- 2020-02-21-

What are the washing forms of the filter plate of the filter press?

1) Open flow cannot be washed: this form has only one intermediate feed channel, the material enters each filter chamber from the feed hole on the thrust plate through the feed channel, and the filtrate passes through the filter medium from the outlet holes of each filter plate It is suitable for general filtration and has the advantages of fast filtration speed and intuitive filtration effect.

2) Undercurrent cannot be washed: this type of filter press has a liquid outlet channel in addition to the feed channel. The filtrate of each filter plate is discharged together through this channel. This type of filter press is suitable for polluted, toxic, volatile, Materials that do not require washing, etc.

3) Open flow can be washed: In addition to the feed channel, this form also has a washing liquid channel. The filtration part is the same as the open flow can not be washed. After the filtration is completed, the washing operation is performed.

4) Undercurrent washable: It can be divided into undercurrent one-way washing and undercurrent two-way cross washing. The feed and washing liquid of this type of filter press are the same as those of open flow washable, but the liquid outlet method is different. The liquid outlet channels are collected and discharged together. This form is suitable for materials that are polluted, toxic, volatile and need to be washed.

How to choose the filter cloth of the filter press?

The selection of filter cloth is very important and plays a key role in the filtration process. The performance of the filter cloth directly affects the effect of filtration. In order to achieve an ideal filtration effect and speed, it is necessary to The viscosity, chemical composition and filtration process conditions are selected. The user decides according to the actual filtration requirements. When cutting the filter cloth, the pore distance and pore size must be accurate, and the pore size should not be too small, otherwise the feeding hole will be blocked; The nylon buttons should be evenly arranged, and the filter cloth should be cut with special tools such as an electric soldering iron to prevent the filter cloth from falling off the thread.

What items are included in the overall inspection of the filter press?

1) Clean the hydraulic station and the electric control cabinet, check whether the oil pipes of the hydraulic station are installed correctly, whether the wiring of the electric control cabinet is correct, and whether all the electrical wirings are correct.

2) Clean the rack and filter plate, check whether the filter plate is arranged neatly and correctly; check whether the filter cloth is folded, if so, it needs to be flattened.

3) Check whether the configuration of pipelines and valves for feeding, washing, blowing, etc. is correct and reasonable.

What are the safety-related matters of the filter press?

1) Regularly check the working conditions of various instruments, and repair or replace them in time if any abnormality is found.

2) Strictly follow the precautions, daily maintenance and maintenance, and the relevant content of the filter press fault repair method. It is forbidden for various instruments to filter under abnormal conditions.

3) The working pressure of the oil cylinder is generally around 25Mpa, and the maximum pressure test pressure is 31.5Mpa, but it is strictly forbidden to work for a long time under the condition of more than 28Mpa, and it is forbidden to work under the condition of more than 31.5Mpa.

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