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How to choose a plate and frame filter press for small and medium-sized enterprises
- 2020-02-17-

Because of its moderate price and good sludge dewatering effect, plate and frame filter presses are favored by more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, but there are too many filter press models, how to distinguish them? Today, the editor of Lianyungang Mingke will bring you Get to know the jack manual filter press, see what it looks like, how it works, and under what circumstances is it suitable to choose a manual filter press.

Now all sewage-producing enterprises will produce sludge, and my country's supervision of sludge is increasing, especially for those sludges that are identified as "hazardous wastes". After dehydration, the volume is reduced for later storage, transportation, and disposal. It is very advantageous. And in the daily purchase, some users with small water volume, such as 1 ton\/day or even smaller, are often recommended a jack manual filter press, and they are told that this water volume is suitable for such a model, and the price is also Cheap, Lianyungang Mingke will explain it here.

【1】What does the manual filter press look like?

【2】Applicable range of manual filter press

According to the different compression methods, the filter press can be divided into jack compression type, mechanical compression type and automatic pressure-holding compression type. It is shown that it is only suitable for small area filter presses.

The jack-type filter press is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation, and no power supply, but it is easy to leak water when applied to a large-area filter press, so it is generally only used for a filter press with a filtration area of ​​1-40 square meters.

————————Fully automatic filter press↓↓↓—————————

Enterprises that produce a large amount of sludge will be directly recommended full-automatic filter presses, because they can realize automatic operation, and many units are running at the same time. Of course, the price is definitely more expensive than semi-automatic and manual. Today, the editor of Lianyungang Mingke Take a closer look at 【Automatic】.


In order to better realize the automatic process of the automatic filter press, the automatic filter press has fine treatment in some details, such as the inclination of the recess in the filter plate, the distribution and size of the small particles on the filter plate, the feeding Design size and orientation of the mouth and water outlet, installation of handles with rollers, etc.


From the perspective of their auxiliary functions, the automatic filter press can be significantly different from the mechanical filter press. It pays more attention to reducing the dependence on labor and further releases the labor force. The automatic filter press has an automatic monitoring and control system, which can automatically pull Plate system, automatic unloading system, automatic emergency treatment system, etc. The automatic plate pulling system is the most intuitive embodiment of the automatic filter press. The automatic filter press can automatically move the filter plate of the horizontal automatic filter press back and forth. Compared with the mechanical filter press, it has a significant change in reducing the labor intensity of labor.


Compared with the filtrate, the moisture dryness of the filter cake after filtering by the automatic filter press has also been further improved. The average filtered moisture can reach below 6 percent, and the shape is more uniform, which is conducive to the recovery of the filter plate. Utilization. In terms of energy, the automatic filter press has basically got rid of the era of directly supplying the filter press by the electric motor, and adopts the hydraulic pressure with better control and stable pressure, which saves electric energy and is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

————————Automatic pull plate filter press↓↓↓—————————

There is such a saying in the line of filter press: "A filter press cannot be regarded as a real automatic filter press equipment without an automatic drawing plate.

Looking at the entire filter press equipment market, there are mainly two systems that can realize the automatic pulling of the equipment, namely the flex arm system and the pulling trolley system, of which the pulling trolley system is widely used.

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