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The reason why the filter belt of the sludge filter press is not clean
- 2020-08-03-

The reason why the filter belt of the sludge filter press is not clean

The filter cloth of the sludge filter press is continuously and actively cleaned under high pressure during the operation. When the cleaning is not clean, the following points can be considered: the filter belt is too old to be used, the water pressure is insufficient, the nozzle flow is insufficient, etc. When the filter belt When cleaning is not clean, the water permeability of the filter belt will decrease, resulting in a decrease in the sludge dewatering output and a high moisture content in the mud cake.

Sludge filter press mud cake drying capacity: refers to the quality of mud cake under the theoretical condition of anhydrous. The reasons why the filter belt of sludge filter press is not clean are as follows:

(1) The sludge residue is serious. If the PAM floc remains, it will directly block the pores of the filter cloth and seriously affect the permeability and air permeability of the filter belt. The formation of drug residues generally has the following reasons. The problem of timely improvement can be solved of.

①Because the polymer mixing time is too short, the agent has not completely dissolved. Generally, the polymer can be completely dissolved after mixing for 30 minutes or more. Pesticide waste.

②When preparing the polymer, the concentration of the equipment is too high or the chemical input is too high. In order to save costs, some sludge dewatering chambers use manual dosing equipment. The amount of powder added is too much, and the concentration of the pharmaceutical equipment is too high. The metering pump is filled with excess liquid. The formation reaction of liquid and sludge is incomplete.

③ When the pipeline static mixer is selected, the reaction time of the potion is too short or the potion and the sludge are fully mixed and contacted.

Due to insufficient water pressure, the type of water pump needs to be changed. Replace a high-lift pump. It is recommended to replace the high-flow nozzle to wash the filter belt.