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What is the reason why the filter belt of the belt filter press always deviates?
- 2021-01-05-

What is the reason why the filter belt of the belt filter press always deviates?

During long-term operation, various faults of the belt filter press frequently occur, reducing the operating efficiency. Among them, the most frequent occurrence is that the filter belt deviates from the central axis, commonly known as the deviation of the filter belt. The deviation of the filter belt not only affects the mud discharge effect, but also It will also damage the filter belt and related control components, which will bring great economic losses to the enterprise. The common reasons for the deviation of the filter belt are as follows:

1, the roller is worn, deviated, and the axis is not parallel

For the belt filter press for sludge dewatering, the national standard requires that the axis parallelism of the adjacent rollers and the circular runout of the roller surface shall not be less than the shape and position tolerance. The tolerance value is greater than 10 in (GB\/T1184-1996). During the use of the machine, the roller deviates from the original position, causing the non-parallel axis of the roller, and the non-parallel axis caused by the artificial adjustment of the fixed position of the bearing, which will cause the deviation of the filter belt.

The wear and tear of various rollers such as deflection rollers, drive rollers, idlers, press rollers, tension rollers, guide rollers, discharge rollers, etc., as well as bearing wear and jamming will also cause the filter belt to deviate. The surface of the drive roller and deflection roller The wrapped rubber is worn away, making the friction between the left and right different, and also causing the filter belt to deviate.

2, the movement of the rectifying roller is not sensitive

The deviation-correcting roller is insensitive, and the filter belt deviates to one side. Once the limit switch fails, one end of the filter belt touches the frame of the dehydrator and turns over and breaks.

At this time, if the trachea or airbag is damaged, it should be replaced in time; the rectification slider is corroded and blocked, and needs to be derusted and lubricated; the rectification air valve is faulty or the rectification angle is not adjusted correctly and needs to be repaired.

3. The position of the roller cylinder is incorrect or partially worn

The position of the press roll or tension roll of the belt press is unbalanced, and the interval between the two rollers of the filter belt changes, resulting in uneven force on the two sides of the filter belt, and the filter belt deviates from the end with the larger force to the smaller end.

At this time, check whether the installation of the rollers is balanced, which is easy to occur after the overhaul of the belt press; maintain the bearings and rollers, and repair them in time if they are worn.

4, uneven mud

The pre-dewatering filter belt has uneven mud distribution. When the sludge enters the pressing section, one side of the mud cake on the filter belt is thick and the other side is thin, and the filter belt will shift to the thick side of the mud. The belt will fold at the boundary between the thick and thin layers of mud.

At this time, check the sludge distribution of the filter screen. If the eccentric load is serious, it is necessary to clean the sludge inlet distribution facilities and adjust the position of the flat mud plate; the mud rake is partially worn or not installed, and the mud rake needs to be inspected and repaired; replaced Scraper.