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The small equipment of the filter plays a big role
- 2021-02-02-

The small equipment of the filter plays a big role

The filter is a device used to separate solid and liquid mixtures in industrial production. Different filter materials, such as metal mesh, paper, sand and other porous materials are usually used as the filter layer, so that the mixture to be separated can pass through. The solid material is blocked on one side of the filter layer, and the liquid is allowed to flow out through the gap of the filter layer, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

Among the filters, the main feature of the leaf filter is due to the shape of its own product. The leaf filter brings a convenient sense of operation to customers by virtue of its simple form. In addition, from the appearance to the operation, the leaf filter is also greatly reduced. manpower and material costs.

Generally speaking, the blade filter is mainly used for centrifugal slag discharge. It is a precise filtering equipment. The filter disc can be composed of stainless steel mesh, stainless steel punching mesh, stainless steel welded mesh, and does not consume filter paper, filter cloth, and filter element. Specifically, In other words, stainless steel mesh is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, can be washed with clean water without rusting, and can be reused after drying. Long service life brings greater economic benefits to customers. It is reported that stainless steel mesh can be divided into plain weave And twill, from 1 mesh to 600 mesh for customers to choose. It has high filtration accuracy, fast filtration speed, and can automatically select and filter slag particles. It is worth mentioning that the entire filtration process of the blade filter can be fully automated. Operation. Good performance and convenient operation allow the blade filter to gradually widen the scope of use. It is not only widely used in fluid materials including edible oil, resin, petroleum, paint, pigment, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, grease, chemical and other industries. Precision filtration can also be used for decolorization and filtration of various liquids, and filtration of clay, diatomite, activated carbon and impurities in wastewater. Although the "body" of the leaf filter is small, it brings convenience to customers. It is also attributed to its core component - the filter screen, as well as the design of the entire filtration process.

The core component of filter accessories - fixed filter plate

The core part of the filter consists of a plurality of alternately placed rotating impellers and a fixed filter plate with a frame. Therefore, the fixed filter plate is a point. There is a circular hole in the center of the common fixed filter plate, through which the rotating shaft of the impeller passes. , and the annular gap between the hole and the rotating shaft is the channel between the stages. The filter cloth can be laid on the two sides of the fixed filter plate to form a filter surface. The filtrate can be discharged from the groove on the surface of the fixed filter plate. Each filter surface is called the first stage. In addition, there are several scrapers on the rotating impeller, and the knife edge and the filter surface can maintain a small gap. When the impeller rotates at a low speed, the mechanical scraping effect of the scraper can limit the filter residue When the speed of the impeller reaches a certain level, the scraper can drive the suspension to move at a high speed along the filter surface, so that no filter residue is accumulated on the filter surface.

The main component of filter accessories - filter screen

The filter is a kind of precision pharmaceutical equipment, and the filter screen is one of its main components. The filter screen is generally composed of multiple layers of non-standard stainless steel, and the filtrate flow channel is in the middle. The periphery of the filter screen is made of A rectangular or circular cross-section frame made of stainless steel is used as a collecting channel for filtrate. The filter cloth and the filter cloth bracket are riveted together. The lower part of the filter screen is the outlet joint inserted into the collecting pipe. The joint is connected to the collecting pipe. The sockets are sealed with rubber O-rings. Generally speaking, the filter adopts a screw lifting and lifting mechanism, and the operator should add lubricating oil into the oil filling cup before each lifting.

The filter adopts a kind of intermittent filtration. Therefore, when the filter residue accumulates to a certain extent, there must be a complete cleaning step. In order to make the filtration operation continue, the main engine of the filter must be equipped with 2 sets. During the filtration process, The filter cake should not be overfilled. Only when the filter cake of two adjacent filter sheets is kept at a space of about 2cm, the filter cake can be dried and easily removed. In addition, when the filter reaches the allowable filter pressure, it should be Start slag removal.