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When should the Ultra Essential Oil Filter be replaced?
- 2021-03-23-

During the operation of the super essential oil filter, it is often necessary to check whether each connecting pipe is reliable and whether there is leakage or damage. The super essential oil filter must not be opened with pressure in the equipment, otherwise residual liquid may be sprayed out, which will directly cause liquid Drainage and personal injury.

It is useful to check whether the inlet and outlet valves of the super essential oil filter are closed tightly, and to check its pressure gauge to confirm that its internal pressure is 0. At this time, the bag filter should be separated from the piping system. After the liquid has flowed through the drain valve, open the lid.

The super essential oil filter correctly opens the upper cover of its filter, unscrew the hanging cover of the upper cover, lift the upper cover, and turn it around a certain point of view. Look at the ο-shaped sealing ring and the ο-shaped groove on the filter. If the ο-shaped seal If the ring is deformed, scratched or cracked, or there is a problem with the connection part of the o-shaped sealing ring, it should be replaced with a new accessory.

When replacing the filter bag of the super essential oil filter, if a sewing filter bag is used, please fold the sewing edge of the filter bag and put it in, which can improve the sewing performance to a certain extent; The ring of the filter bag matches the neckline of the metal inner mesh.

The ultra-essential oil filter can be selected according to the suspension concentration, liquid viscosity, solid particle size and filtration quality requirements. When operating, it is necessary to select several filter media first, and use the filter funnel experiment to measure the filtration speed and pressure difference of different filter media. , find out the appropriate filtering conditions, preliminarily select the filter type, and then select the filtering area according to the processing capacity, which has been verified by actual experiments.

Now, with the continuous development of the times, our quality of life is also constantly improving, so the quality requirements of products are also higher, and the requirements of manufacturers are also higher for equipment. Separation equipment emerges one after another. In particular, filters have been widely used Use, the technique is better, but the kind of filter is complicated.