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What is the principle of the plate and frame diatomite filter to achieve filtration?
- 2021-01-12-

What is the principle of the plate and frame diatomite filter to achieve filtration?

The plate and frame type diatomite filter is composed of multiple filter units, each filter unit has the same function as the filter chamber of the plate and frame type diatomite filter. It also includes filter press filter plate, filter press filter frame, cardboard, The cardboard is sandwiched between the wooden boards as the diatomite support plate for the adsorption filter medium. Before the filtration of the plate-and-frame diatomite filter, it should be pre-coated. That is to say, under a certain pressure, a certain amount of silicon The diatomite mixture is pumped into each filter device of the plate-and-frame diatomite filter, and a pressure difference is generated in the circulating flow, so that the diatomite is more uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the cardboard, forming a filter layer and a pre-coating. During the diatomite filtration process, the filtrate enters the machine through the pressure of the filter pump and flows into each filter chamber. The residue in the filtrate is blocked by the diatomite filter layer and cardboard. After filtration, the clear liquid is collected from each filtrate chamber and flows out from the clear liquid pipe , to achieve the purpose of purification.

In this way, as the filtration time goes on, more and more impurities are filtered out in the precoat, and the filtration channel is blocked. Therefore, a certain amount of diatomaceous earth must be added to hang on the filtrate to solidify, and at the same time, it is formed by the adsorption of the filtrate. The new filtrate layer forms all the microfiltration pores of the new filtrate layer, maintains its filtration performance, prolongs the filtration period, and increases the total amount of filtration. During the filtration process, if the filtrate needs to be decolorized, a certain proportion of activated carbon can be added to achieve the decolorization effect.

The ideal filtration capacity of swimming pool circulating filtration ranges from 10 cubic meters to 500 cubic meters per hour. The plate-and-frame diatomite filter uses diatomite as an auxiliary agent and uses a unique 5-way valve to complete coating filtration and cleaning conversion.