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Do you know the entire cleaning process of the filter press?
- 2021-10-26-

The filter press uses a special filter medium to exert a certain pressure on the target to make the liquid dialyze out of a mechanical device. It is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. It was used in chemical production in the early 18th century and is still widely used. Used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries.

However, some filter residues will remain after the filter press is operated. In order not to affect the next filtration operation, we need to clean the filter press in time. Today, the editor has sorted out the entire process of the filter press cleaning, which is mainly summarized as follows:

The first thing to note is that before cleaning, we need to understand the properties of the filter cloth filtrate, and then choose the corresponding cleaning method.

1. Select weak alkaline water to soak the filter cloth for 1024 hours.

2. Then rub the filter cloth repeatedly, wash it with clean water, and then let it dry until it is 90% dry, and then it can be operated again.

Secondly, we can use manual methods when cleaning the filter press.

1. Remove the filter from the plate frame and soak it in water.

2. Rub with your hands again 3 times, and add detergent.

3. You can also use a brush, a household shoe brush, and gently brush off the impurities on the filter cloth. After brushing, replace it with clean water to rinse.

4. If the filter cloth is acidic, you can soak the filter cloth with an alkaline solution.

5. If the filter cloth is alkaline, you can soak the filter cloth with an acidic solution.

The entire cleaning process of the filter press is the first and foremost. I hope you can read the above content carefully before using the filter press to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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