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Application of filter press in solidification treatment of pile foundation discarded mud
- 2021-11-09-

We all know that the filter press is a kind of intermittent operation filtering equipment, which is mainly used for solid-liquid separation. The material is filtered by pressure, and it is widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, especially for the separation of viscous and fine substances.

In the coastal area where the foundation soil is mainly cohesive soil, sandy soil, silt and silt soil, the wet-worked cast-in-place piles are widely used. However, a large amount of mud will occur during the construction process. Severely pollutes the surrounding soil and environment, and even leads to stagnation of the construction progress and damage to the quality of the project. Therefore, it is necessary to explore and optimize the treatment process of discarded mud.

At present, the harmless treatment method of mud is relatively simple. Generally, it is naturally air-dried after centralized stacking, and a few parts are cured with admixtures, which takes a long time and occupies a large area for consumption. .With the development and application of building technology and construction technology, new technologies such as mud dehydration and solidification process, rapid and harmless treatment are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Among them, filter press is a common equipment used for solid-liquid separation in chemical and pharmaceutical fields. After development and practice, it has also been used in the field of mud solidification in pile foundation engineering.

The industry has proposed a box filter press mud solidification construction method. The method is to send the blended mud into the filter press filter plate for closed pressure, filter cloth filtration, separate solids and liquids, and transport the solid mud cake out. It is a method of discharging clean water to the municipal pipe network nearby after passing the chemical treatment, which can effectively solve the problem of mud transportation and consumption that has plagued construction enterprises for many years.