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The hydraulic system design of the filter press's operating process includes pipelines and control valves.
- 2021-10-29-

After careful and detailed protection inspection in the daily operation of the filter press, it can effectively avoid problems and maintain a stable power supply. The protection points of the hydraulic system of the filter press's operation process are as follows:

First, check the various components of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is designed with piping and control valves. The design is so complex that there are many seemingly complex parts, and small problems in these parts (such as oil leaks and tight seals) can affect The operation of the whole system. Therefore, we need to clean and check the hydraulic system regularly. When cleaning, we pay attention to the connection of each component to check for signs of leakage. Once found, we will make up for it in time to avoid the formation of the equipment system. greater harm.

Secondly, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced regularly. The hydraulic oil circulates in the whole system, and the hydraulic oil is often under strong pressure, and its impact force is relatively strong. Therefore, during the internal movement of the hydraulic oil, it is easy to impact on the inner wall of the system. and friction. In addition to internal wear, the hydraulic oil itself will also become a lot of impurities. When the hydraulic oil containing many impurities is run inside the system, the wear degree of the system will deepen, which is a vicious circle. Therefore, we are using pressure After the filter has been used for a period of time, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced to ensure the transparency of the hydraulic oil, which is also a protection for the hydraulic system.

Then, make sure the pressure level of the hydraulic system. In fact, the hydraulic system can change the power level. In fact, to protect it, we try to reduce the amount of change.

Although the hydraulic system of the operation process of the filter press is one aspect of the protection equipment, it has a great influence on the filtering power and power. Xiaobian hopes that everyone can follow the above suggestions to properly protect the hydraulic system.

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