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Diaphragm filter press is an ideal equipment for filtration and scrubbing in pigment production
- 2021-11-05-

Filtration and scrubbing is a very important process in the production of pigments. In the process of composition and pigmentation, pigments inevitably contain a lot of impurities. If they cannot be effectively removed, it will cause the product's conductivity, pH value, water-soluble substances and other target overruns. Seriously affect the performance of color light, color strength and dispersion in the application system.

With the development of the energy and environmental protection situation, as a pigment manufacturer, it is necessary to shorten the washing time as much as possible, reduce the amount of washing water and reduce the moisture content of the filter cake under the condition of satisfying the quality. It can be said that the quality of the filter washing equipment is directly It is related to the quality and cost of the pigment.

Because of its simple structure, convenient operation, large processing capacity and integrated filtering and washing, the filter press has always been an excellent filtering and washing equipment widely used in the pigment industry. The current diaphragm type has 3 stages. Compared with the plate and frame type, box type filter press and other filtration equipment, the characteristics of the diaphragm filter press are: ① shorten the filtration cycle; ② improve the effect of washing, reduce the washing time and water consumption ③ Improve the solid content of the filter cake; ④ Save energy; ⑤ Simple operation;

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