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Filter press price and selection of filter press accessories
- 2021-12-14-

Introduction of filter press accessories price of filter press:

1. Frame: The belt press filter frame is mainly used to support and fix the press roll system and other components.

2. Press roller system: It is composed of rollers with diameters arranged in order from large to small. The sludge is clamped by the upper and lower filter belts, and when passing through the press rollers in turn, it forms a small to large under the action of the filter belt tension. The pressure gradient increases the pressing force of the sludge during the dehydration process, and the water in the sludge is gradually removed.

3. Gravity zone dehydration equipment: It is mainly composed of gravity zone brackets and feed troughs. The flocculated material loses a lot of water in the gravity zone, and the fluidity becomes poor, creating conditions for future extrusion dehydration.

4. Wedge-shaped area dehydration device: the wedge-shaped area formed by the upper and lower filter belts exerts a squeezing force on the clamped material, and performs pre-pressure dehydration to meet the requirements of the material liquid content and fluidity in the pressing and dehydrating section.

5. Filter belt: It is the main component of the price of filter press accessories. The separation process of the solid phase and the liquid phase of the sludge is above. The lower filter belt is the filter medium, and the upper and lower filter belts are under tension Passing around the press roll to obtain the pressing required to remove the moisture of the material.

6. Filter belt adjustment equipment: It is composed of executive components: air cylinder, adjustment roller signal back pressure, and electrical system. Its function is to adjust the filter belt caused by various reasons such as uneven filter belt tension, roller installation error, and uneven feeding. deviation, so as to ensure the continuity and stability of the price of filter press accessories.

Filter press accessories The price of filter press is automatic box filter press: automatic feeding, automatic compressed air and exhaust, automatic pressure maintenance, automatic opening\/compression of the plate frame, automatic varicose mechanism, automatic filter The cloth is washed, and the sludge conveying pump and sludge conveying pipeline are automatically cleaned regularly (manual and automatic local buttons are provided), and the sludge is automatically discharged to the mud hopper. The mud cake discharged from the mud hopper is transported by the belt conveyor.

The price of filter press accessories The price of the filter press is that the incoming cement slurry is wastewater, and the moisture content is amp;lt;97%; the moisture content of the outgoing mud is amp;lt;70%.