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What are the factors that affect the filtering time of filter equipment?
- 2021-11-24-

There are many kinds of filter equipment, with different occupations and different application categories. In order to ensure the filtration efficiency, several kinds of filter equipment are sometimes used in combination. At the same time, you should be familiar with several main factors that affect the filtration time of the filter equipment. Below you can Follow me for a brief introduction.

1. Filter type

For example, whether the filter is magnetic or non-magnetic, and the shape is powder, roll, lump or block. What is the temperature? At this time, it is recommended to consider the temperature, the density of the material and the shape of the solid particles. Considering.

2. Filter area

Because the design of filtration products is relatively simple, the filtration area is often an important factor affecting the filtration efficiency of the filter equipment. Therefore, the filter cloth must be placed flat and not folded during use. After a period of use, the filter cloth should be cleaned in time. Make sure the filter cloth is clean.

3. Stress factor

It is to use the flow of the filtrate to supply kinetic energy, and to form a pressure difference at the same time. When the filtration scale reaches a certain value, the pressure difference will increase, and the flow speed of the filtrate will be faster, thereby improving the filtration efficiency. It is because of the sufficient pressure that the filter can improve the filtration precision and efficiency.

The above content is about the three main elements that affect the filtration time of the filter equipment. I hope the introduction of this article can bring you some help. In addition, we must do a good job in the protection and maintenance of the filter equipment during use. Keeping the equipment in a good operating condition is the premise to ensure the filtering efficiency.