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What is the reason for the expansion of the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press?
- 2022-01-05-

If you are a user of a diaphragm filter press, then you must know that the diaphragm filter press is different from other filter press equipment, because there is a filter plate expansion inside the diaphragm filter press that is different from other types of filter presses. System. The suspension is pumped into each closed filter chamber of the filter. Under the effect of working pressure, the filtrate penetrates the filter membrane or other filter materials, and is discharged through the liquid outlet, and the filter residue remains in the frame to form a filter cake. So as to achieve solid-liquid separation. So what is the filter plate expansion system? What role does it play? Let Xiaobian help you answer the reasons for the filter plate expansion system of the diaphragm filter press. If you are interested, let’s understand it together .

When the diaphragm filter press operates for a certain time, when the filter cake in the filter chamber has been filled with filter cloth, the equipment will not be able to continue the solid-liquid separation operation, so when the filter cake fills the entire filter chamber , the filtered liquid is difficult to permeate from the filter cloth, so at this time, the feeding system of the diaphragm filter press will stop feeding, and the feeding hole will be temporarily closed. The plate expansion system will come into play.

How does the filter plate expansion system work? The first is to start the hydraulic pump, and then press a steady stream of hydraulic oil into the filter plate, and then the hollow space of the diaphragm filter plate will accumulate a certain volume of hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil continues to increase, the filter plate will expand outward, which means that the filter cake will be kneaded, and the volume of the filter cake will be reduced. This can greatly reduce the moisture content of the filter cake. This is why the diaphragm filter press can effectively reduce the moisture content of the filter cake.